也许你想要真正的'泡泡'体验?如果是这样你就会喜欢双泡泡 - 两个小时的热水浴缸时间,蓬松的长袍和拖鞋租用以及半瓶Piper Champagne分享 - 每人22.50英镑(基于两个分享)。钦下巴!


我们建议预订热水浴缸,但这并不总是必不可少的。请拨打+44(0)1225 461 728与我们联系,在日记中与他们约会并避免失望。

Piper-Heidsieck Brut 75cl

£ 46.00 / unit

A classic Pinot Noir dominated Brut Champagne: plenty of freshness with citrus notes, such as grapefruit, followed by Granny Smith green apple, and crunchy, juicy pear; ample and intense.

1/2 Piper-Heidsieck Brut

£ 30.00 / night

Enjoy a 1/2 bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Brut in your room on arrival.


£ 14.00 / night


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£ 15.00 / unit

We provide Charlotte Brunswick Chocolates. The chocolatier and curator of the finest truffles and pralines in Bath. Each Chocolate is carefully collated and makes the perfect gift for Birthday or Anniversary, a memento of a trip to Bath, a ‘Thank You’ present, or simply a treat for yourself.

Hot Tub (based 2)

£ 20.00 / unit

Located in our pretty, secluded courtyard, the Harington’s hot tub is available by private hire only. The hot tub is available for six-hour time slots between 2pm and 8pm. You will get private use of the patio area to enjoy intense relaxation. This is available for just £48 including a fluffy robe and slippers.



£ 25.00 / unit

Bouquet of flowers in room at arrival


£ 24.00 / unit

Fancy a nice bottle of Le Altane Prosecco in your room on arrival.

Whilst this citrus and pear flavoured sparkling wine is labelled ‘Extra Dry’, it actually has a touch more sweetness to it than Prosecco labelled ‘Brut’.