EV Charge

Our New Electric Vehicle Charging Point!

From busying around Bath seeing the sights to relaxing back in the hot tub to charging up your electric vehicle, we really do have all you need here at Harington’s Hotel! So, how does our EV charging point work, and how can you book it in?

Pre-booking your EV charging point

Pre-booking is essential, so we’d suggest contacting us right away to get your space! Our on-site EV charging point is the perfect place to park up and start exploring Bath! Contact us via email ( or phone (01225461728) to get your space booked!

Charging your vehicle

Our EV charging point runs hand in hand with the EV Charge App. Simply download the App, find Harington’s Hotel, and start charging your vehicle for 30p per Kilowatt!

On-site parking costs

It costs just £14 per night to park your car on-site at Harington’s Hotel. With the EV charger installed into the space, you’ll have power, convenience and ease!

On-site charging for your convenience

Park up at the back of our hotel and start charging your vehicle right away! We’ll help you in with your luggage and our friendly reception team can answer all your questions!


Book your EV charging space by contacting us!


Tel: 01225461728



Why Harington’s Hotel Supports Electric Vehicles

Quiet, environmentally clean and a joy to drive. These are just a few of the reasons that Harington’s Hotel supports the move from Diesel- and Petrol-powered vehicles and onto an electricity-based framework! The electric vehicle produces fewer emissions and relies on power that can be found from renewable sources. They are also a lot cheaper to run than their petrol-guzzling counterparts, and while their upfront costs are higher, they can save you money over a lifetime.